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Tara, Shoot.

Photo projects in-between travels.

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    A Spontaneous Afternoon in Arcovia

    This wasn’t really planned. I was in Pasig one weekend afternoon with Kenneth and Benjo as part of my loooooooong journey to a career change. After a late lunch meeting in Estancia, Kenneth, Benjo, and I decide to see more of this part of Pasig, since I haven’t really explored this area outside Kapitolyo.

    Our stroll eventually brings us to Arcovia in the heart of the city. The area feels languid compared to the bustle of Capitol Commons, which is probably due to the fact that it’s still currently being developed. But in it is Fun City, a hidden gem with a few rides and carnival games that remind older visitors of those theme parks in the 90s (Payanig sa Pasig!!!).

    We can’t resist hopping on the swing ride, feeling like carefree kids again (but also probably being too old that it got me too dizzy afterwards). We also try a shooting game, where we try to hit as many balloons as we can with 10 pellets in a pistol. We are able to hit 4 balloons and get two chocolate bars as our reward. Mostly, though, this small theme park becomes the backdrop of an impromptu photoshoot, capturing the essence of spontaneity and the joy of embracing unexpected moments.

    The vibrant colors and the fun emanating from the place hopefully come alive in the pictures, serving as a reminder of a day filled with new learnings and unplanned adventures.

    Models: Kenneth M, Benjo
    Wardrobe: Models’ own
    Location: Fun City, Arcovia, Pasig


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    Retro in Roller Skates

    I’ve been wanting to do a retro-themed shoot since… I can’t remember… 2019? But I can’t just seem to pull it off: couldn’t find an accessible location, couldn’t find an available model, I wanted to do another theme first, and so on. But on one clear, hot April afternoon, the stars and planets aligned, and it turned out Allysha — isang matagal ng suki sa mga photoshoot ko dati — wanted to do a roller skate-themed shoot because it’s her new hobby (“Nakakalimutan ko yung mga problema ko kapag nag-roller skates ako,” she says.).

    And so, ayun, we went to the Roller Disco in Fisher Mall Malabon, and I took some pictures there while the model went roller skating. It was a payday Saturday, so there was a sizable crowd, but I got a few pictures before I was asked by the guard to stay outside the rink. Oops, sorry, guard.

    And then the model changed into pants. Just because.

    An hour later, after our time in the rink was up, we went to the nearby Navotas Centennial Park to do an outdoor version of the shoot, just in time for the sunset. The place is ideal for the shoot especially during the golden hour. There’s a chilled out vibe despite the number of people gathered in the place doing all kinds of outdoor activities — biking, rehearsing a dance number, aerobic exercises, and even sepak takraw.

    Back in Monumento, we didn’t go home right away. There was a huge crowd of commuters because, again, it was a payday weekend. So we killed time a bit in SM Grand Central, doing another retro-themed shoot, this time at an arcade at the fifth floor. There were a lot of people, but thankfully, the arcade’s design is in such a way that you can take some shots without people in the background if you just angle your camera right and wait for people to pass by.

    In the last few pictures, you might notice the model looking a bit tired. That’s because she was. Roller skating seems easy, but apparently it’s not. Allysha says the shoes are heavy, and I guess all the balancing you have to do does take a toll eventually on your stamina. But it sure looks fun. Maybe someday I’ll try to learn to do it — after the hundred other things I plan to learn this year. Haha.

    Model: Allysha
    T-Shirt: Minima PH
    Roller skates: Model’s own
    Locations: Navotas Centennial Park / Fisher Mall Malabon / SM Grand Central

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    Women’s Month Photo Shoot with D

    I’m starting a new blog, which focuses more on my photo projects. My “Jay to the World” blog actually started as my previous photo blog, as I had another travel blog hosted by another site. But as years went on, that blog gradually featured more and more of my trips as I went on a phase in my early adulthood when I traveled a lot. Eventually, that blog became my new travel blog.

    But because of the pandemic, as well as some personal and professional issues that forced me to slow down on my trips, I again found myself doing a lot of non-travel-related photography projects lately. And I didn’t want doing an overhaul of “Jay to the World” just to fit some photo shoot / photo essay posts every now and then (I’m still crossing my fingers that, one day, I’ll be able to travel regularly again). Thus, this new blog.

    And for my first post, I had D, a former coworker, post for an International Women’s Month-themed photo shoot.

    We shot at A Studios in Caloocan, a self-photography studio at a building in front of University of the East. It’s a really nice spot with friendly and helpful staff. It’s ideal for beginners who want to dip their feet into studio photography, but it also works for experienced photographers who don’t want all the hassle of preparing the equipment for a few minutes of shooting. The rates are affordable as well (we availed Set B, which involves a 30-minute shoot, a set of prints, and the raw images).

    So, yeah, to all the women (and those who identify as women) out there, cheers!

    Makeup / Wardrobe: Model’s own

    Shot at A Studios – Caloocan branch